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Borderline Personality Disorder Resources

Borderline Personality Disorder Specific Resources

  Borderline Personality Disorder Resources on the Net  

  Borderline Personality Resources off the Net

  Borderline Personality Disorder Community (Chat, bulletin boards and instant messenger lists).

  Drs. & Therapists Who Treat BPDs    

  BPD Family Section

  Personality Disorder Tests

  BPD Today Volunteers to answer your Email

Borderline Personality Disorder Conferences

  BPD, Family and Clinician Conferences


Crisis Intervention

  Suicide Intervention (Hotline, Resources, Articles)

Mental Health Facilities

  Toll Free Numbers to Mental Health Clinics

  Menninger Clinic

  Mt. Sinai School of Medicine - Special Evaluation Program for Mood & Personality Disorders - Larry J. Siever, M.D., Director "(...conducts a multitude of research projects that cover a broad range of psychiatric disorders and the respective neurological underpinnings...using a number of research strategies, including neuropsychological testing, dynamic neuroimaging studies, genetic and endocrine studies, and treatment trials with psychotherapy and psychopharmacology)."

  Weill Cornell Westchester (Borderline Personality Disorder Treatment Programs)

  European In-patient and Out-patient DBT Treatment

  Drs. & Therapists Who Treat BPDs

  Call the TARA Helpline for those with BPD and their families - 1-888-4TARA APD

  Toll Free Resources

Medication Assistance and Information

  Free Medication for Low-Income People

  Drug and Health Information - Medline Plus


  Locating a Therapist




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