borderline personality disorder differential diagnosis
major depresive disorder, bipolar disorder
narcissistic personality disorder, histrionic personality disorder
schizotypal personality disorder
dependent personality disorder
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Borderline Personality Disorder Differential Diagnosis

  • major depressive disorder and bipolar disorder, in which there are less affective lability and less impulsivity and often more stable relationships;

  • histrionic personality disorder, in which there is less self-destructiveness and fewer angry disruptions in relationships;

  • schizotypal personality disorder, in which psychotic symptoms are less transient and interpersonally driven and in which there is less desire for interpersonal intimacy;

  • narcissistic and paranoid personality disorders, in which there is relative stability of self-image and less self-destructiveness and impulsivity and fewer concerns over abandonment;

  • antisocial personality disorder, in which the patient is manipulative to gain profit, power, or material gratification;

  • dependent personality disorder, in which there are more stable and less intense relationships, and in which the response to the fear of abandonment is characterized by appeasement, submissiveness and the seeking of replacement relationships;

  • personality change due to a general medical condition."

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