Q. Since borderline personality disorder in Dr. Heller's opinion is one of a medical issue and not necessarily a mental disorder would the RH negative blood factor have any part to play?

My parents were told back in the early 50's that because my mother has a negative RH it could be very dangerous to continue having children. They were told that because mother has this blood factor, there would be a high risk for Down Syndrome, and/or deformation and that if father had the negative RH it would be no problem. My brothers which are identical twins have more than two functioning kidneys. One has three and the other four. They are naturally smaller in size but are functioning.

Is there any medical truth to these statements and could this negative RH factor possibly be an explanation for a borderline personality disorder?

A. No truth that I am aware of. No one has looked at Rh factor in BPD, but it probably will be no higher than the general population.