Q. I am presently working with a client diagnosed with borderline personality disorder who is currently being treated by her psychiatrist using Electro Convulsive Therapy. She began getting the ECT treatments about a year ago on a weekly basis - she is now on a maintenance program of every other week. As ECT is a fairly controversial and invasive treatment, I am searching for more information on this treatment. Was wondering what your thoughts were on ECT treatment for borderline personality?

A. I vaguely remember one trial on using ECT in borderlines, and it helped some folks, but not most. If your client is doing well, she is one of the improvers. If not, this site has multiple other pharmacological treatment interventions listed. If you have concerns, I would give her doctor doing the ECT a call for starters. ECT is actually a very good treatment if it works. If not, then you need something else.