Q. I need more information regarding adoption and borderline personality disorder. I know there is a big percentage of adopted people with attention deficit disorder and learning disabilities. Can reuniting and establishing a relationship with the birth mother make some difference in the prognosis for the bpd? My daughter is 18 years who at this point does not know she has bpd. We are just trying to understand this possible diagnosis. At what point do we make it clear to what we think is her problem?

A. No good studies on adoption and reuniting with biological parents. My suspicion is that the reason the children were available for adoption arises from problems in the biological parentage. Kids that would be taken away from their parents by the court would tend to come from a statistically more chaotic background, which could result in a higher rate of BPD. Likewise, my suspicion is that biological parents that would give up their child for adoption may have a higher incidence of boundary issues. All these are theories.